For commercial and residential entrances PRL offers our Clearvision moveable glass stacking wall system that allows glass panels to stack, slide and swing. This frameless, continuous, transparent wall provides  great design flexibility for commercial and residential applications and creates a secure all-glass entryway with an optimum, total vision, unobstructed view.


The beauty of our movable all-glass wall is that the panels slide and pivot on a single over head in-line track allowing them to be stacked in numerous configurations or hidden away in a convenient closet space to create a completely or partially unobstructed entryway. Using convertible sliding panel hardware, swing doors can be incorporated to provide partial entry while the main wall remains closed.

 The moveable glass panels provide flexibility, allowing them to be completely opened, partially opened or closed. Top and bottom door rails give the panels stability as well as provide a means to house locking and/or pivoting hardware. Frameless vertical glass edges ensure maximum transparency of the overall  entry and guarantee nothing distracts form the view.  


This thoughtfully designed unobtrusive system with smooth, uninterrupted lines is sure to accentuate your home or business exquisitely, allowing you an expansive, unobstructed, view that is sure to please. Our Clearvision sliding entry is the perfect answer to allow your interior living space to flow unobstructed to your outdoor entertaining area. For restaurants this system is perfect for joining your indoor dining area with your outdoor dining area, creating an open and inviting ambiance.


Glass Walls For Your Home or Business:

For your home PRL’s Clearvision Moveable Glass Stacking Wall System can afford you the best of both worlds-inside and out. Our continuous, frameless, all-glass wall can showcase your beautiful landscaping, patio, pool area, or breathtaking view while simultaneously highlighting your lavish interior décor. Perfect for entertaining, a sliding, stacking, or swing entryway combines ease, functionality and an expansive view all into one.


For commercial applications our all-glass entrance wall system is ideal for restaurants, storefronts, banks, office divider walls and more. The possibilities are endless. Add some expression that will benefit and distinguish your business from the rest by choosing PRL’s Clearvision System.


Our sliding, movable, glass wall can perform a variety of functions. Stacking glass panels can serve as an easy, practical, creative internal store window, display, or showcase allowing the all-glass walls to exhibit your product, wares and merchandise flawlessly behind pristine transparency.



Etch Your Company’s Logo:

Want your business to stand out from the rest? Promote your brand by having your company’s logo or store’s name etched onto the glass with PRL’s premium fabricated in-house sandblast options.

By selecting a decorative design from our custom GlueChip series, designed specifically for partition configurations, you can add valuable advertising and storefront recognition. Make your business identifiable, easy to locate and increase foot traffic by etching your logo into your storefront, doors or entrance.



Parking & Stacking Glass Wall Options:

To provide visually unobtrusive and welcoming glass wall entryways PRL meticulously designs innovative parking and stacking options to meet the most unique project conditions. Our stacking systems will provide you with smooth sliding panels that will easily slide into the perfect parking condition to conform to your project layout.


Project structural conditions or unusual floor plans often require special solutions, particularly in the design of the stacking area. PRL’s Clearvision Moveable Glass Stacking Wall System can be designed to park in a variety of different positions. All-glass movable wall frontages can be easily adapted to most job configurations. Suitable for both in-line and curved system configurations they can accommodate straight, angled, or segmented entryways.


A multi-panel system will align side by side on a single track when closed, and when open, stack to one or both sides of an opening in a number of possible positions or hide behind a wall or in a small closet enclosure. Glass panels can be stacked parallel, perpendicular or at angles to the frontage, readily visible for effect, or hidden behind columns.


A swing door entrance can be transformed to a sliding panel using convertible sliding glass hardware. With pivoting doors the option of continual access is available while walls remain closed. Heavy duty hardware accommodates panels up to 264 lbs. to slide with ease and minimal effort allowing the transparent sliding or swing wall system to be positioned in just a few moments. This stacking glass wall system uses ½" tempered glass and mechanically secured top and bottom rails with interchangeable rail covers, providing a strong, durable and elegant stacking wall system.



Increase Safety, Energy Efficiency & Reduce Noise:

Whether it’s a question of design or practicality for your residence or business PRL’s Clearvision Moveable Glass Wall System meets the highest standards with safety, energy efficiency and sound reduction in mind.


For increased safety PRL offers the best quality tempered/laminated glass to give you peace of mind for your home or office. Conforming to Industry standards our all-glass panels will meet or exceed ASTM standards for heat treated and/or laminated architectural flat glass.


An additional advantage of our all-glass walls is that floor guides are not required. Finished flooring can be used without breaks allowing uninterrupted flow and continuity throughout your home or business. Optional weather seals can be installed on top and bottom rails to minimize air and dust flow when panels are closed. When closed the glass wall acts as a secure divider reducing the noise from the exterior or from adjacent rooms.


PRL: The Ultimate In Function And Aesthetics:

At PRL Glass we pride ourselves in fabricating top quality, functional, products without compromising style. Our Clearvision Moveable Glass Stacking Wall System is no exception.


For a particular look or design, tinted glass options or painted rail colors can be incorporated into the sliding systems. By adding our distinctively shaped rail fittings to adjacent glazed areas of glass you can accentuate top and bottom harmony to your entry and the system can perfectly align with the décor of an intricate façade or interior design.


Contact PRL to assist with design specifications or to order your sliding glass wall entrance today and see why PRL’s cutting edge designs stand out from the competition!


Clearvision Glass Wall System Features & Components:

  • Frameless
  • Dual swing or sliding
  • In-line, stacking, or segmented configurations
  • Convertible sliding panel easily transform into a swing door
  • Single or multiple panels
  • Flexible top hung sliding system
  • Top and bottom rails
  • Interchangeable covers
  • Narrow rail width profile
  • Floor track optional
  • Pivoting Roller Carriers
  • Adapter/Bolt knob
  • Floor closer


Swing & Sliding Glass Door Options:

  • Dual: Swing and sliding. (Manually operated).
  • Sliding: In-line or stacking.
  • Swing: Swing only.


Rail Specifications:

  • Top Sliding Track: 2-13/16" x 2-15/16" H
  • Standard System Rail Width: 1 3/4"
  • Standard System Rail Height: 3-5/8" Top & Bottom (optional 6" or 10" bottom)
  • Convertible System Rail Width: 1-1/4"
  • Convertible System Rail Height: 3-15/16" Top & Bottom


*System is subject to change without notice. Consult PRL for horizontal/vertical span limitations.


Glass Panel Limits:

  • Maximum Height: 120" (3000 mm)
  • Maximum Width: 42" (1060 mm)
  • Minimum Width: 24" (600 mm)
  • Maximum Weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)


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